Classic Martini

Low Alcohol Recipe

A low alcohol martini? How does that work? Simple - we keep the vermouth but replace full-strength gin with non-alcoholic Clean G. This recipe uses olive brine, but you could substitute this with lemon juice if you prefer!

You'll need

  • 2oz Clean G
  • 1.5oz dry vermouth
  • 15ml olive brine
  • Green olive to garnish
  • Lowball glass, ice

To make

Add all ingredients to a lowball glass, add ice, stir well and add the olive on a cocktail stick to garnish.

To avoid dilution and to create the perfect mouthfeel we recommend using Clean G, your choice of dry vermouth and the olive juice straight from the fridge. Simply add all ingredients to your lowball glass, stir and fill with ice, finishing with the green olive.

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