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Flavour Architecture

CleanCo is produced by some of the most experienced and talented flavour experts on the planet. Understanding the role of a spirit in a cocktail and how we taste is vital to our process. We strive to deconstruct its notes, analyze the emotional response it triggers, and then successfully rebuild the spirit without the alcohol. Once we lay out the blueprint for each our spirit alternatives, we source from the most innovative producers around the world to find the best quality products and cutting-edge flavour extraction techniques to re-construct the spirit experience.


Innovation Obsessed

Being at the cutting edge of a new category means that there’s no tradition or rules to confine you. Without a 200-year-old recipe to follow, there’s freedom to innovate and a mindset of continued improvement. Every day, the experts at CleanCo are obsessing over how the liquid can be tweaked or nudged to an even better version of itself. This isn’t about constantly releasing new flavours or styles. It’s about continued improvement to create an ever-better experience.

Controlled Perfection

Every previous step has led to this final process. The blending together of all the delicate flavour compounds, experience, and passion. Then bottling it. This complex, precise, temperature controlled, and consistently perfect process is applied to every single CleanCo product, and every single bottle!


How Clean Became Keen

Nobody ever woke up and said, “I wish I’d drank more last night”. Yet, in today’s society—and particularly in the UK where I’m from – there remains a stigma around the idea of ‘not drinking’. It’s a decision that can often be met with suspicious eyes and invasive questions, with friends and family speculating over what might be going on in our lives for us to have made such a statement. We justify ourselves and reassure our loved ones without a second thought, because that’s the norm.

The good news is, the no/low alcohol movement has been gaining momentum, with new brands entering the market all the time, and even long-established alcohol brands making their own versions too. It seems the world is finally catching up with the times. People far and wide are embracing a new and exciting world of low and no alcohol alternatives, and that’s making the decision not to drink a whole lot easier for people to make.

I made the decision to go sober in 2018, and soon realized that there were only ever two options at the bar: full-strength alcohol and soft drinks.

With soft drink options predictable and sparse (not to mention, laden with sugar), it’s no wonder people haven’t found them to be a satisfying alternative to a grown-up, alcoholic drink. So, in 2019 I set out to change that, and founded CleanCo. My aim was to make drinks that tasted every bit as delicious and satisfying as the real deal, so that people could ‘drink clean’ without compromising on taste. The business has grown from strength to strength, and now Clean G is just one of the many drinks that we make.

I firmly believe in balance, and at CleanCo we certainly don’t preach that people should cut out booze altogether. But finding alternatives that hit the spot and give the same great taste that you’d expect from a full-strength drink certainly helps moderate excess.

It’s my mission to make not drinking, more exciting. I want to help people make that transition into drinking ‘clean’ as easy as possible too.

—Spencer Matthews

Founder and CEO, CleanCo