How To Survive (and Thrive) Dry January This Year

Dec 19, 2022

How To Survive (and Thrive) Dry January This Year

Last year, an estimated 1 in 5 adults attempted dry January, and over half failedh. If you’re reading this, blushing and thinking yes, that was me, don’t worry—we’ve got you. 2023 is your year.

Post-Christmas detoxers and new year, new me goal setters. We’re looking at you, and we’ve got what you need to keep your dry January promises this time.

At CleanCo, we’re kinda the experts on going alcohol-free, so follow our tips for surviving dry January and prepare for those smug hangover-free weekends.

What’s the dry January challenge all about - are there rules?

Dry January is going alcohol-free for 31 days in January. Pretty simple right? But still, most people don’t make it past the two-week milestone before reaching for a cold one.

It started in 2013 as a public health campaign, and now it’s grown as a global movement to kickstart the year as the best version of yourself.

Many people struggle at the thought of giving up drinking because they see it as waving goodbye to their social life or good times. And, we’re not going to lie, navigating the social scene as a regular drinker can be hard at first, but we believe moderating your drinking doesn’t mean missing out on the good times.

Keep reading to see how you get through, feel the full dry January effects and debunk the myth that you’re more fun when drinking.

Tips for every dry January drinker - which one are you?

So you’ve signed yourself up for dry January, told everyone you’re not drinking, and you’re already planning how to spend those hangover-free Saturday mornings. But then comes the hurdle, your first social gathering of the year.

It’s easy to slip here—someone offers you a drink, or you notice you’re the only one not drinking and start to feel awkward. Stop right there. Before heading out to an environment where you’d usually drink, remind yourself why doing dry January.

You likely fall into one of these categories, so find the dry January person you are and follow our tips to get through.

Are you…

The Sidekick - You’re doing dry January with a partner or friend.

Dry January tip: Text your non-drinking buddy for some words of encouragement.

Whether you send daily countdown texts or keep each other motivated with some ‘look how great we are’ messages, together, you’re keeping each other accountable. Neither of you will want to let the other down. So keep chatting with your dry January sidekick, and together you’ll keep each other on track.

The Weekend Wobbler - You were doing great until the weekend.

Dry January tip: Switch the real thing for the right thing - it’s clean cocktail time.

It can be easy for some to stay sober in the week, but when it comes to the weekend, you want a well-earnt treat. Whether you’re craving a margarita or a pina colada, our non-alcoholic cocktail recipes are some of the best dry January drink options and everything you need to mix up a delicious weekend treat.

The Banker - You’re thinking about all the money you can save.

Dry January tip: Set yourself a saving goal.

Of course, the money you can save depends on the amount you’d usually spend on liquor. But as the average drinker spends between $512 to $1,218 annually on drinking, regardless, you’re guaranteed to be saving a healthy amount. And that’s before you consider the extra costs like drunk food, cab fare and, of course, hungover food alongside a night of drinking. The only thing to do now is to start thinking about how you want to spend that extra cash.

The Life Changer - You’re New Year, new you ready.

Dry January tip: Track your progress.

It’s natural to fantasize about what will happen to your body during dry January, and the truth is the dry January benefits are limitless, so if you’re looking to start the year with a health kick, it’s well worth it. Research tells us that even going up alcohol-free for 1 month has immediate and long-lasting benefits. You’ll sleep better, your energy levels will be up, and your mood and concentration will increase.

But to stay motivated on the New Year, new you vibe, it's important to keep track. So whatever health benefits you’re hoping to gain from dry January, keep a note of your ongoing progress and each time you review, you'll feel a sense of achievement to keep you going.

The Halfway Hurdler - You’re nearly there but missing the party.

Dry January tip: Treat yourself.

Doing dry January doesn’t mean saying no to things you want to do. It just means doing them differently (and better!). We know sometimes you can feel awkward going out without the comfort of a drink in your hand, which leads people to ask ‘why aren’t you drinking?’. So our advice is simple, go to the party, #drinkclean, have fun and wake up with no hangxiety the next day.

Jump on the dry January bandwagon and start the year off with a mocktail in hand. Remember, dry January isn’t about giving something up—it’s actually about getting something back. At CleanCo, we say that's time.

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